On Sale Now: Nightingales: cool air

I'd like to announce that the second book (Episode 1) of my supernatural mystery series, Nightingales, is ready for purchase. 

Episode 1, cool air, picks up one week after the events of CRASH!!! left off.  cool air takes readers deeper into the lives of Neveyah, Jo, Cressida, Lee-Lee and Monica.  Cressida tries to make sense of what happened to her.  Jo and Neveyah have a tiff and Lee-Lee decides to help Monica bake cookies for the Cookie Throwdown.  Weird things happen to Lee-Lee and Neveyah.

Wanna know what happens next?  Pick up Nightingales: cool air for $2.99 right here.  Thank you for your support!!!




The pilot episode of Amaya Radjani’s new supernatural serial novel Nightingales, CRASH!!!
is now available for free for a limited time.

Introduce yourselves to the Nightingales: Jo, Neveyah, Cressida, Monica and Lee-Lee. 

You can download CRASH!!! right now 
from MCP's new store on Shopify: 

This promotion will run for ten days. After June 25, fans can purchase both CRASH!!! and episode 1: cool air for $2.99 each.


CRASH!!! Update!

I am pleased to announce a couple of things.  One, CRASH!!! has a brand-new cover designed by my partner-in-crime, Ankh...

Snazzy, ain't it?  Certainly better than the other one.

...and two, it is now available for purchase in MCP's new Shopify store!  Get your copy now, hot off the e-press!!

More exciting Nightingales news to come soon, I promise!


Teaser from CRASH!!!

Lee-Lee walked up to the lady and extended her hand.  “In that case, let me introduce myself.  My name is Elysie Blake, but everybody calls me Lee-Lee.”  She pointed to Monica.  “That’s Monica, my roommate.  We live in 6B.  Those two are Jocasta and Neveyah.  They live in 6C.”
The lady didn’t extend her hand and Lee-Lee stared at her.  “Your name is…?”
She smoothed her hair and glanced at the movers, who were finishing up.  Her ring caught the light and the stone sparkled like a diamond.  “I suppose I could offer my name.” 
“It’d be nice,” Monica said, trying to keep the sarcasm out of her voice and failing.  “We do live on the same floor.”


Trailer, take 2

...then Ankh comes along with this one:

Honestly, she is far more skilled at making trailers than I am.  I don't even pretend to have the time it takes to put together something as clean as the above.  You saw my effort...and am I compelled to create a better version?

Not really.


Nightingales Trailer

As part of the original writing challenge, I created a trailer for Nightingales.  As this was originally conceptualized to be a cable TV show, it was very inspiring to put together a montage of these five beautiful actresses interspersed with nighttime images of my hometown. 

Check the credits at the end for specific clips.  The music is Fallon Bowman's "Human, Conditional."

It would be an honor if some executive producer thinks that Nightingales is a great idea for a TV show.  I certainly would love to see it on the small screen.  But that's only if s/he gives me complete control...which as we all know, ain't gon happen.  



I thought it would be cool to showcase some the interiors of the 17th St. Lofts so that you guys can get some good visuals of where these ladies live.  These images are courtesy of apartments.com, cflane.com and atlantaurbancondoliving.com